Our farm exists since October 22nd 1999 on basis of certification from Central Statistics Office as Fish Farm, Mariusz Tedorowicz based out of Komorowo 24, 14-105, Łukta with REGON registration no. 510902943-00012.

The farm specializes in production of fish stocking material.

Our facility consists of the following assets:

  • 150 m2 Hatching/rearing hall with social facilities
  • 12 concrete pools
  • 2 ponds for spawners

We’re using following equipment:

  • 23 plastic rearing pools
  • 4 metal rearing pools
  • Two closed water circuits for egg incubation and early stages of rearing with water treatment, biological beds and control of temperature (+-)
  • Installation for artificial oxygenation and aeration of water
  • 63 7 liter Weiss jars
  • electrical apparatuses for carrying out fishing
  • 1 pool for fish transport

Our farm is under constant supervision of district veterinary inspectorate in Ostróda in accordance with Regulation of the Minstry of Agriculture and Rural Development of October 14th 2008 on veterinary requirements of doing business in the field of aquaculture.

In accordance with decision of District Veterinary Officer in Ostróda (PIW chz 6211/92-10/4/09, March 18th 2009) we’re operating supervised production under id no. 28 15 92 10.

The owner and facility manager are graduates of the Fishing Factulty of Environmental Protection and Fishing of University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, formerly (AR-T).